Kids are so much fun to take pictures of. The past two bluegrass jams, I’ve gotten some really cute pictures of the little kids.

Here’s Dave with Jack-A super talented guitar player.

Guilty look. 🙂

Abbie B.  and Dave relaxing. 🙂

Abbie and Seymour.

Little Faith D.

I don’t think she likes my camera to much. 😛

Aren’t they all cute? 🙂


January Bluegrass Gospel Jam

Last night we had a large music get-together at our house. It was so much fun. Here are a few pics from it.

Everyone had fun playing instruments and/or talking.

My Dad and Mr.Pruit

Sarah Bright

Mr.Gene Whalen, Judy Foster, and Mr.David Bright.

Mr.Dave Foster

We had quite a few bass players.

Mr.Dan Foster and Evan Shaw.

Jeremiah Whalen.

There were lots of younger kids too.

Dolly, Dave (why does he always seem to make it in these pics? :P), Emmaline, Olivia, and Lydia.

Abby Bright.

Mr.Pruit and Mr.Shaw

Georgie. He played the harmonica really well.


Becca on the banjo.

We all enjoyed our selves sooooo much. It’s amazing how much fun you can have with a few instruments and good friends.

The Recording Studio

Last Monday (Nov 23) the Whalen girls took me to watch them record their new CD. Here are some pics that I took.

Setting up. The man on the left is the recording guy, Mr.Tod.

Susanna recording the mandolin parts.

Naomi, Levi, and Sarah waiting……..

…..and waiting. (Sorry. I have a thing for pictures of shoes on floors. 😀 )

Levi after he fell from the sky. 🙂

The Central Head Quarters room. 😛

Sarah on the harp.

Levi was out by the time we left.

Thanks soooooooo much for letting me come with you all girls. I had a wonderful time.

Hooray!!! Hunting season opens on Monday. Can’t wait. I’ll let you all know if I get something. 🙂


The Wissmann Family

On Tuesday our family got a chance to see the Wissmann family sing. The Wissmanns have been my hero for years. They were on my “list of famous people to see”. That list had the Harris brothers on it and the Dugger family too. Two of those checked off in three weeks. Wow!! Here are some pictures from the concert.








Here are some pictures from Laurence Gaertner. The Geartners are the people who invited the Wissmanns to their church.

DSC07401The Wissmann bus.

DSC07380The Wissmann Family. The Wissmanns have 13 kids but only 11 are here. One is married and the other was visiting her fiance.

It was so much fun seeing this family in person.

Thanks for the pics Laurence.