The Willoughby Hills, Ohio, Bright Lights Conference – Finally!

Yes yes, I know it took me MONTHS to put this up. There were SOOOO many things that we did and so many pics to go through. Even as it is, I’m leaving out TONS of stuff because I can’t fit it all into one post. 😛 Any how I put up as many different things as possible to try to show you all that we did. Enjoy 🙂

The music that they played was soooo beautiful.


Grace Mally

Sarah Mally

They did lots of hilarious skits.


(Laurence G. and Emily) We stayed at our friend’s, the T’s, house for the week. This was taken after the first conference had ended. We were obviously doing hair. 😀

During the morning on the day between the two conferences, Melissa T. took lots of pictures of us (Me, Emily and Laurence) in BEAUTIFUL dresses. I’ll have some of them up in a post in the near future.

Melanie T., Shelby, and Laurence. On the day between the conferences, we all went to a nearby park to relax and walk on the many beautiful trails.

Abby was my small group leader for the first conference.


Playing ultimate Frisbee.

After the walk, we came back to the T’s for dinner.

When dinner was over we gathered in the living room for a wonderful time of singing. (yeah, like the only picture of me due to me and Melissa trading cameras for a while. 😛 )

Kristen T.

(Amelia B.) I ran into a few friends there too. We had no idea that the other was even coming. 😀

Sarah after one of her chalk drawings.

Car ride

Friends. 🙂 Jordan, Laurence, Melissa, (names of the last two coming soon)

Grace asked if I wanted to be a small group helper. I was absolutely thrilled. So after listening to the small group leaders meeting , I was assigned as small group helper for Melissa and Jordan’s group.

Looking at pictures during lunch.


Emily Schuurmans

No words can describe just how wonderful this trip was. We made so many new friends who encouraged us in the Lord in so many ways. Thank you Mally family for doing these conferences!



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