The Hot Air Balloon

Hello everyone,

I’m finally posting after having a wonderful vacation down in Florida. Yes, aren’t you all jealous. 😀 Anyhow, a month ago, we saw the hot-air balloon that goes over our house from time to time. My Dad had everyone hop in the van so we could chase it and watch it land. It was really fun to see how it was done. Here are pics from then. Enjoy 🙂

This was used to push the remaining air out.

To get the last little bit of air out, they had all the kids roll on the balloon. How cool is that? To roll all over a hot-air balloon. So awesome. 🙂

This basket is actually quite small.


This little boy was part of the balloon crew. He was hilarious. 😀

Funny how such a huge object can be stuffed into such a small bag. They called this bag quite appropriately, “The Santa Bag”. 🙂



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