Andrew and Heather

Hey all!

At last, here are the long-awaited Andrew and Heather pics. 🙂 This wedding was sooooooo much fun.

I cannot stress enough that I was NOT the photographer. I just stood around snapping pics left and right. 😀             Enjoy


Andrew’s students sang a lovely Philippine wedding song. (Andrew is missionary in the Philippines)

This girl isn’t smiling at me. She’s smiling at the  bashful Dave sitting beside me playing peek-a-boo. 🙂

I had to sit on Dolly’s lap to get this picture. 😛

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Rebekah J.

I took these pictures afterwords when everyone went outside for group shots.

Look! It’s Evangeline Renee and Tim. I was in awe. 😛

Andrew and Heather with Rebekah and Rachel.

Congratulations Andrew and Heather! We’ll be praying for you two as you go back to the Philippines. 🙂


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