We Thought Spring Was Here. NOT!

Yeah I’m still here. Things have been really busy around here.

Any how, happy April fools day. I have been tortured by this day due to sisters discovering that such a day exists. Sigh. I can’t even count how many times I’ve sat on ice cubes today. Now that I’ve found my key board (another April fools joke) I can actually finish this post that’s been a week and a half in the making. These are just random pictures from the past weeks.

This was taken when it was almost 60 drgrees out side. Today we had an inch of snow. :-/

This is one of the two of our cute baby bunnies. This girl’s name is Fancy. (her sister’s name is Nancy:D)


We also got a few baby chicks. We’ll be getting more later in the month.

I know this is the same cat that I always put on the blog. I’ll put up another one of our cats…….

This is Toothless our one-eyed half-grown kitten. His left eye is blind due to an infection.

I will have more pictures comming very soon…..

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