Princess pictures

A few weeks ago, Christa L. came over to take our family picture. While she was here we decided to get dressed up and take some fun pictures. We had a blast. Enjoy.

Dolly calls this dress her wedding dress. 🙂

Isn’t her dress gorgeous!

The next day, we drove over to our neighbors farm to take some pictures there. We looked really strange walking through a field in our costumes. 😀

Thanks so much Christa for coming out. We had soooooo much fun. 😀

If you would like to see Christa’s pics click here and here.

3 thoughts on “Princess pictures

  1. “I’m gonna marry Joshie. And I already have my dress picked out!” ~ Annamae ;D ;D

    I. Seriously. Adore. These. Pictures. Sooo CUTE!!! Too hard to pick a favorite, but those ones of Annamae with her ‘wedding dress’ on are way to adorable 😀

  2. That must have been so fun! 🙂 I really like the first one, and the one of Isabelle in the left side of the frame, holding the umbrella. That one is really neat! 🙂
    And I really like how you capture smiles!
    Love you!
    Phina 🙂

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