Beach Pictures

Look what I finally got done! Yes the beach pictures have come.  Enjoy 🙂


Visiting the lighthouse.

My Dad and Em.

Christa and Ben L.

We celebrated Em’s 12th bday there.


Three story basket ball.

Crabbing and fishing. (Liney and Bo C.)

Root C.

Liney with the sun-glass girls. (Phoebe C., Liney, and Christa L.)

Dave being Dave.


One of those total accident pics. Caught it just as the flash fired. 🙂

Mr.Smith playing worship every morning for devotions.


Looking for wild horses. Never did find them even after walking 4 miles.

Shouting for Mr.Smith to jump in the freezing cold pool. 😀

Dave and Dolly

Sorry for not posting in so long. Things have been rather busy around here

Guess what. I get to  photograph my first wedding on Saturday! I’ll be posting sneak peaks around the 18th ish or so.

Girls dresses coming next.


2 thoughts on “Beach Pictures

  1. The photos are so nice. They help me share in your lives when you all go on vacation. Of course I think the Anderson family is much more photogenic than other families. I’m so proud of you. You are a blessing. Love, Grandma

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