And we happen to have four orphaned kitties that have nothing better to do then crawl up your leg. When they’re not eating, that is.

We need names.

Something besides : Cristy, Lisa, Katy, Artos, Mary, Frodo, Hans, Rebecca/Rebekah, Max, Seymour,  Will, Pepi, Pickles, Crosby, Mr.Knightley, Malkin, Shadow, Midnight, Patrick Kittie (female. Long story), Little Jon, Kittie, Blacky Black, and Tom. (these are names we have or have had soooooo many times that we are sick of them.)

We learned a long time ago NOT to ask the little kids for names. Cristy being their most popular name. We’ve had Cristy the: Cow(2), Cat(7), Turtle, Toad(4), Bunny, Chicken(5), Turkey, Pheasant,  Pig, and Duck.

These kittens need your help to get a dignified name. Will take any suggestions.


8 thoughts on “Kitties

  1. I think one of the black kittens should be “Jadis” … I’m in the narnia mood right now. I like Cole too. Also, what about Gimli? 😉

  2. How about Meadowlark, Tiger Lily, Dandelion, Prairie Flower, Piper, Glen, Orion, Aquila (meaning Eagle), Cassiopeia, Pavo (meaning Peacock), or Aster (you can tell I’m writing this whilst sitting outside, can you not? 😉 )?

  3. I don’t have time to think… but… maybe Kenobi??? What do you think???

    I’ll try to think up something more interesting (not that Kenobi isn’t. :-P)

    Let me know what you decide!

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