The Parade

Last week, some of our family got to go see a nearby parade. Since we haven’t been to a parade for years, the little kids didn’t know what to expect. Dolly was shocked when random people, just riding by in their fire trucks doing their own thing, would suddenly throw candy to her. She loved it. 😀

(Lydia and Abbie B.)

The B’s and a few other families were there too.


The Civil War guys.

(Davey F.)

The little girls loved the horses……

Dave, on the other hand,……..

……was all for the tractors.

There was candy everywhere.


She loved showing people how much she got.

One of my fave. pics. 🙂 Classic Dolly.


2 thoughts on “The Parade

  1. That must have been fun!! Dolly’s so cute! 🙂 I really like her little red dress!!

    Love you!!!
    Phina 🙂

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