There And Back Again-A Dominican Mission Trip: Days 3 And 4

Day 3, Monday, Jan. 25

After breakfast we got ready to go to our first village of the week. After grabbing hats filling water bottles and splathering sun screen over ourselves, we ran to the door to hop on the cattle trucks, buses, and other methods of transportation.

Waiting to load.

(Christa L.)

Somehow Me, Emily, and my Dad ended up in a red pickup. My Dad inside and Me and Em in the back with a few other people. It was a long drive. About an hour.

Driving through the town of Hato Mayor. In the DR, there are no driving rules. It made for a pretty exciting drive.

There were also thousands of motorcycles.

The scenery was gorgeous.

(Jonathan H.)

We were a little bored. 🙂

When we pulled in there were tons of children running to great us. After we unloaded, the whole group all joined hands to pray before we started.

It was a huge circle.

Some of the village kids joined us.

As soon as we had prayed, we immediately began to set up in the village school. Medical set up in the village church which was across the road.

Plastic lenses used to determine what prescription a patent needed.

The glasses supply boxes.

(Christa L.) Positive 18 glasses.

The waiting line. 🙂

My Dad learned how to shave down lenses to fit into other frames.

Emily was a pointer among many other things.

It was some time around 3:00 PM when we packed up, hopped in the trucks, and waved good-bye to the kids. When we got back to the camp, we all scurried to get ready for church. We left as soon as dinner was over.

The next day, the optical team went back to the village we were at the day before. Here are a couple of pictures from both days we were there.

A typical mother. 🙂

Another way of testing eyes.

Ruthie C. painting.

Praying with one of the patents.

One of many cute girls.

Some of the houses.

The village from the top of a nearby hill.

Pop and his buddies.

Then I walked around the corner and his friends were all over me.

They soon decided I was boring so they made a unanimous decision and left me for more interesting company. 🙂

To be continued……..

If you want to see other pics from the DR go to Christa L. blog. (Click Here)


3 thoughts on “There And Back Again-A Dominican Mission Trip: Days 3 And 4

  1. Hey Liz!!
    More great pictures!!! It is so much fun to see each day of your trip detailed in photos 😀 Keep up the great work!!!

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