New Years and The Bdays

Hey all.

You’ve probably noticed that the blog ‘s been kind of slow. We’ve been very busy with school and such that I haven’t been taking many pics. So here is a very late, and small post of our New Years.

Blue and Isabelle.

Dave on his bday.

My Mom and Dad got these awesome shirts. I love them. This was at Gma A’s house on New Years. We were looking at some scrap books that we girls had put together the past week.


My cousin made these. I had to laugh when I saw them. 🙂


After Gma A’s, we went to my Uncle Jack’s house. (Mom’s family) He had my Gma and Gpa’s Big-Christmas-Tree-Set-Up in their living room. (ignore the college football on the TV)

Aunt Tracy, Sarah, and Uncle Jack.

Uncle Larry and Aunt Debbi.

Uncle Tony and Uncle Bob.

(Mom and her sister Aunt Kathy (and us Anderson kids) put together a bunch of scrap books for all of their brothers of all their pics from baby hood till now. They turned out very nicely.)

Not sure if I’ll be posting much in the next month. Me, my Dad, and Emily will be going on a missions trip with our church to the Dominican Republic for a week. Please pray for us all as we go down there. Thanks. 🙂


2 thoughts on “New Years and The Bdays

  1. That’s so neat to see about your Christmas, Ettie!! ❤ Emmaline is growing up sooo much!! I like your Dad and Mom's tops too!! 🙂 🙂
    Thanks so much for posting so many posts! I really like seeing them!
    You're special to me!
    Phina 🙂

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