BCF Music Night 2009

The BCF music night was on the 20th.

It was a lot of fun. Gorgeous music.

The church where we were at. We got there really early to help set up and practice.

After practicing for a couple hours, people started to arrive…….and every one else started to get nervous. 😉

Here are some of my favorite pics from that night. I love taking pics of instruments. Please forgive the poor photo quality. It was very dark in there.

Elizabeth L.

Patrick, Billy and Caroline L.

Phoebe C., Christa Ld., Ruthie C., and Ben Ld. They sang a lovely song: “Do You Hear What I Hear”. Mr.C., Peter C. Heidi Ld. and Karolina La. accompanied them.

This is Rebekah J. She played with me and the girls for our song. Thanks so much Rebekah. It was a lot of fun. 🙂

Part of the violin section in the worship team. Left to right: Ryan G, Kristen G., Elsa La, Rebekah J., and Elizabeth L.

Sarah L. I LOVE the way this pic turned out in Photoshop. So dainty. 🙂

I desaturated all most all the colors but the reds. Gives it a cool look eh?

Sarah L., Katie L., and Michelle G.

Karsten La.

Caroline L. This is my favorite Photoshop picture yet. It has a wonderful black and white. Her hand is slightly blurry showing motion. Love it!!

Photography tip.

When you take your pictures, take them fast. Other wise you get things like this:

To much movement. Blah.

Keep that in mind over Christmas while you’re taking your pictures.

Merry Christmas!!!!!!! 😀


2 thoughts on “BCF Music Night 2009

  1. Wow, you got some incredible pictures Brotus!!!! (sorry, Caydern just sounded too wrong :D) I had so much fun playing with you girls!!!! It was such a fun night 😀 I love all the pictures – it’s hard to pick a fav!!! Although that one of Caroline is really nice 😀 Anyway….fun night!!!! Have a very merry Christmas, and see you Sunday!!!

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