The Recording Studio

Last Monday (Nov 23) the Whalen girls took me to watch them record their new CD. Here are some pics that I took.

Setting up. The man on the left is the recording guy, Mr.Tod.

Susanna recording the mandolin parts.

Naomi, Levi, and Sarah waiting……..

…..and waiting. (Sorry. I have a thing for pictures of shoes on floors. 😀 )

Levi after he fell from the sky. 🙂

The Central Head Quarters room. 😛

Sarah on the harp.

Levi was out by the time we left.

Thanks soooooooo much for letting me come with you all girls. I had a wonderful time.

Hooray!!! Hunting season opens on Monday. Can’t wait. I’ll let you all know if I get something. 🙂


3 thoughts on “The Recording Studio

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  2. That must have been such a neat time!! 🙂 Thanks for posting about it!! I love following your blog!! 🙂 You’re so faithful to post!

    Love you so very much, (miss ya too)
    Seraphina 🙂

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