Ney and Arturo

Last Saturday (Oct 31), we had a church gathering at our house for two missionaries from the Dominican Republic. Lot’s of people came.



IMG_4876and Arturo.

SD+RsmallRebekah J. and Dave.

IMG_4880We made lots of apple cider while they were here.

IMG_4920After dark, we lit a fire and sang a bunch of praise songs. Here is Arturo, Ney and Joel (I’m not sure if I got the spelling on the name right or not. Joel lives in the DR with his wife. They happened to be in the States visiting some relatives. They were in the area so they came to surprised Ney and Arturo.)

IMG_4906Samuel Costanza singing.

IMG_4924Caroline jumping over the fire.

The next day Ney preached at church. Arturo translated. Ney gave his testimony. Arturo did the children’s message.

IMG_4955It was wonderful having them here.

3 thoughts on “Ney and Arturo

  1. You got some really nice pictures!!!! It was so much fun being able to meet them and hear what the Lord is doing in the Dominican!!!

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