Beach Pics: Part Two

Here are a bunch of pics from Christa’s camera. She has an awesome Canon camera. Not sure which kind. Will have to find out. Enjoy.

IMG_2825David. I just love that chubby face. Love those squishy cheeks. πŸ™‚

IMG_2923Mr.Smith fishing.

IMG_2730Phoebe, Em, Lizzy, Dolly, Me, and Root.

IMG_3018The house that we stayed in.

IMG_2796Peter and Ben having fun tormenting the girls. We were down by the pool trying to dry off.

IMG_3814See. (I took this pic a few days later. No one in their right mind would spray my Dad………Just kidding. :D)

IMG_2845Mr. and Mrs. Costanza had their wedding anniversary while we were there so all of us (Lizzy and Christa) decided to surprise them with a special dinner. Here are pics of the set-up and dinner.



(Two of my pics.)


IMG_3712(We decorated the downstairs)

IMG_2855(left to right) Mom, Pop, Mrs.Costanza, Mr.Costanza, Mrs.Smith, and Mr.Smith.

(There is a song that Lizzy wrote and Ben sang. I am trying to get the video up but am having trouble. Sorry.)

IMG_3008Fruit Snack Contests. We had them all week. It was fun. (Yeah. I took this one on Christa’s camera. Christa does not take pics like this.)

IMG_3099The football teams in a tower. Ouch.

IMG_2978Ben, Root and Me doing dishes for the parents one night. (Pete, Phoebe, and Em helped too. Christa and Lizzy just sat there and laughed.) We were all singing “221,999,999 bottles of pop on the wall” Not kidding. By the end of the trip we had made it to about 221,999,500. Why did we do this? I don’t know.

IMG_2791Root and Me. Here is the pic from last year.

L+RSeventiesBig difference. (We were filming a movie OK. And no, I was NOT Jack Sparrow. Never even seen him at the time. And yes, Root was wearing a pair of shorts on her head.)

IMG_2888Bo and Liney. Cute. πŸ˜€

(I should have some more beach pics from the Costanza camera soon.)

One thought on “Beach Pics: Part Two

  1. Looks like you all had a great time!!!!! I LOOOVE that picture of Dave!!!! Although the one of you girls on the beach was really cute, and so was the one of Bo and Liney!!! πŸ˜€ Can’t wait to see more pics!!!

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