Apple Cider

Last Saturday, we made about ten gallons of apple cider with our neighbors Dennis and Kathy.


First you stick the apples in to the “crusher”.




After they are crushed, you put the lid on and squeeze them till no juice comes out.




It just squeezes through the large gaps in the barrel. You know when you’re done when apple starts to squeeze through the cracks instead of juice. Just make sure you put the press in a spot where it won’t matter what gets on the floor and make sure that every thing is clean before hand.

And that’s it. It’s really easy if you’ve got a cider press. You don’t do anything to it either. You just put in pitchers, large pots, old plastic juice containers, and take it out on a really hot day or heat it up on a cold one.

IMG_4181sThe left overs.

LCCAsLiney helping out with the strainer.

DennisSDennis and…….

KathysHis wife Kathy.

IMG_4153sDumping out the cider. Not sure what Emily is doing over there. 🙂



IMG_4167s“Dennis take the wheel”  That crank is really hard to move.

DollysDolly came to “help”. 😀


IMG_4173sStealing a cup.

Summary: Homemade apple cider=Best drink in the world. (at least until I break into that maple tea in the pantry)

Update: Maple tea=Second best drink in the world. Apple cider still rules. In my mind any way. Mom says coffee rules.


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