Beach Pics part one

Hi all. I know that you’re all waiting for the beach pictures to be up. There will be a little delay in getting them on the blog while I get some of the ones that my friends have. So for now here is a small sampling of our week. I should have more pics of the beach coming the next few weeks but I don’t know when.


Sun rise.


Root and Dave.

IMG_3796Dinner with every one.


Lizzy C. and Christa Lind.


The “CD Cover”. It was a compleat accident. I just turned around and took a picture of them.

Well that’s all I have time for right now.

Will try to have more soon.


One thought on “Beach Pics part one

  1. Lol I like the “CD cover”. 🙂 I’ve been trying to think up something crazy to put on my cd cover (whenever I make an album) but maybe I should just stick with the basic “cool” look like you’ve got here. Or I could make it look like I’m falling into the grand canyon……

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